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Russian Food Direct – Best online Store

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Russian Food Direct

You may have heard of specialized online stores before, with a lot of options on display for one –or several- specific kind of product. But what if I told there’s a Russian online store that sells Ushanka caps, nesting dolls, Russian caviar and some high-quality Russian watches? I bet that isn’t something you were expecting, but it does exist. So, come with us and take a look at this store and what it has to offer.

Russian Food Direct is an online store ( that offers all of the above-listed products. They’re located in Brooklyn, New York, and they’ve got shipping to all of the United States (except for Hawaii and Alaska). So what it is that makes this store so unique? Well first of all, almost everything they offer has something to do with Russia -or is made in Russia, for that matter. Secondly, their stock is pretty diverse, and so the combination of an Ushanka, a nesting doll, some caviar, and, a wrist watch is something you can purchase at once.

First of all, if you don’t know what an Ushanka is, you have to know it is the Russian National Cap, and they’re perfectly designed to bear with the low temperatures that are so common in Russia. There are types of Ushanka caps, like the Russian Ushanka, which has ear flaps to prevent ears from freezing, and can be adjusted to also protect your jaw and chin. The other types of Ushanka are the ones used in the military: Soviet Army Ushanka, Russian Navy Forage Cap, and Souvenir Ushanka Cap (a souvenir-type of Ushanka, with the same design as the military ones). The price range goes from $ 14.99 to $ 19.99, on average.

Next up we have the famous nesting dolls, or “matryoshka” dolls, a very well-known Russian souvenir, and it consists of a painted wooden doll, which contains a smaller doll inside, and that one has a smaller one inside and so on…you get the picture. The designs for these simple yet interesting gifts are a whole lot more than you could ever imagine, as they can show some political figures, Saint Nicholas and his family, Winnie the Pooh characters and, yes, even minions. You can also use the smaller ones as a key chain.  Whatever the design you choose, the normal prices goes from $ 20 to $ 30.

It doesn’t matter if you have been looking for some Russian caviar for a long time or even you’ve never heard of it: this store has some of the best ones for you to choose. They come in all sizes and shapes, and some of them include a nesting doll as a gift. The store prides themselves in their caviar selection so you should give it a try and see –and taste- what they’re talking about! The price of these products is very variable, as some of the smaller products cost $ 20, and the most expensive ones go up to $ 199.99, so this one goes on your election and taste.

Last but no least we have the Russian-made Vostok Amphibia wrist watches. Their unique designs, endurance, and waterproof systems are worth the purchase, as they go from about $ 50 to $ 90 on average. The brand has been in the business since 1942, so you’d guess you can trust the high-quality with which they products are made.

We have not very much to add to this unique concept of a store, other than the obvious remark that the store offers other products as well. Guess we stuck up with the most significant ones, so blame’s on us!


Seo company in New York | Marketing Digital Agency

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Seo company New York

Seo Company in New York

With an increasing number of people creating their websites comes an increase in the demand for SEO (search engine optimization) experts who can offer their valuable services! The ultimate goal of a SEO expert New York is to increase traffic to a particular website. Obviously, it is the intention of every website owner to obtain as many visitors to their site as possible and whether they use their site as a marketing tool, online store or for ad revenue purposes a SEO expert New York could prove to be very beneficial.

To increase traffic to a particular website a SEO Services New York will use some methods to get the website ranked as highly as possible when certain keywords are entered into a search engine. Various techniques are required to achieve this goal from research, analysis, developing strategies and a combination of both on the page and off page SEO. The research of a SEO expert New York begins through gaining a thorough knowledge of the website and what it offers and then analyzing the best keywords for the particular site. These keywords can then be implemented into the content of the site in a subtle yet efficient manner. If a real SEO expert New York is used then over time, the website should notice improved search engine performance and therefore an increase in traffic.

Naturally, with the increase in demand comes the increase in supply and these days more and more people are claiming to be a SEO expert. As with an expert in any area or field, there are a great number of requirements and aspects, in which an individual should have knowledge and experience to be able to take on such a title! Additionally, SEO and online marketing, in general, is a fast developing and continually changing industry, so everyone involved needs to be on their toes and always willing to learn. Many larger companies will have a SEO expert employed as part of their team, but smaller companies often prefer to hire someone externally.

When it comes to hiring an external SEO expert, some things should be checked for to be sure they are genuine and have the required knowledge and experience. Ask directly what they can offer you and tell them directly what you desire from them. In most cases, a SEO expert New York is required to improve sales through increased traffic to the site. A SEO expert will achieve this through research and analysis and will then develop a strategy specific to the site. It can be hard to recognize immediately if there has been much effect due to the implementation of their plan. However, over time a good SEO expert New York will provide you with more visitors and ultimately an increase in sales!

Software for Banks

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Standfore – banking system

Standfore – banking system has turned out to be a wellspring of great aid in the realm of finance. Today, you have no compelling reason to stress yourself if you don’t have fund. You have various methods of payments, which are overseen by banks, for example, cheques, debit cards and credit cards and so forth. You can secure your cash in a bank and can utilize it in any way. The bank it system has turned out to be so much reliable these days that a significant number of the nations are attempting to make a cashless economy.

Aside from the investment funds and installment modes, the Standfore – banking system also offers you a great solution when in need to secure a loan. You can acquire the loans from the banks at low-interest rates now for your perse needs and you are not required to be reliant upon the greedy moneylenders.

The banking services have become well established. Greater improvement can be seen in financial and banking services nowadays. Below are some of the banking services offered nowadays by the Standfore – banking system, in case you didn’t know what software do banks use this is the answer.

Provides saving account with reasonable interest rates

The saving bank account is among the main reasons why the banking system came into existence. It is unnecessary to say that the people deposit their reserve funds in those accounts. Despite what might be expected, the salary is straightforwardly sent to the SB accounts nowadays, from which the required sum is a withdrawal by the workers. A decent interest is likewise included by the banks after a particular time, which is 6 months for most of the banks. The high premium investment account is being offered by a significant number of the banks.

Current Accounts for Business Units and Other Organizations

With regards to business units and other associations, the current account is an excellent choice. Current accounts allow for regular transactions and usually no interest is charged with regards to these accounts.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.01.31

Advanced Services 

The loan services are one of the major services offered by the banking systems nowadays. You can read more about the future of banking software Home loans, payday advances, car loans, inpidual advances, debt consolidation loans and personal loans: many other types are among the several kinds of loans offered by the banks. On the off chance that you have some dire money related necessities nowadays and you don’t have cash then you have no compelling reason to stress by any means. You can take the borrowings from banks. Obviously, borrowings were given by the moneylenders in the past, low-interest rates saving you from being overcharged by the money lenders.

Offers insurance

You can likewise keep your life and your properties guaranteed with the assistance of insurance services offered by banks and some other money related institutions. Car insurance, health insurance, life insurance and numerous different sorts of insurances are being offered by the banks.


The lockers facility is additionally accessible in the Standfore – banking system today. Safety is not guaranteed to keep the jewelry and other valuable things at home. In this way, you can keep it in the bank lockers. You can take the key from the bank at whatever time and can withdraw the items at will when needed.

The Best SEO Experts To Achieve Top Rankings

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Seo Company New York City

Internet marketing in New York

Finding an SEO Company in NYC,  is not difficult as there are many service providers. In fact, the numbers keep growing as the days go by. However, one of the biggest challenges is finding the “BEST” company that offer effective and reliable SEO. Unless you hire the right firm, your website will always miss from the top pages of search engines leave alone being found. Top SEO providers have the following traits: A history of google algorithm changes


A good firm is guided by a strict code of ethics. The company never employs shortcuts or “Black Hat” methods such as spamming, doorway pages, invisible text, or overuse of keywords. This methods offer temporary results and may put your website at risk of being penalized or getting banned. A good company only uses “White Hat” methods to achieve long-lasting results. Digital agency


SEO companies are in business and desire to earn more revenue. They will use various marketing gimmicks to lure customers or promise things that are unrealistic. When looking for the best SEO Company NYC, you need to understand that seo is an ongoing and gradual process that requires re-analyzing results at different times. You should therefore steer clear of a firm that promises overnight success or guaranteed results.


A company that guarantees you immediate results is probably only interested in your money. Nonetheless, firms that have been in this industry for many years are more-likely to deliver good results. The provider will have a good portfolio, history of success, and is never shy of providing referrals. The top firms in NYC also boast of an experienced workforce that is certified and accredited. Web designer

Certified in Google Analytics

The appropriate seo firm should have at least one individual who is trained and certified in Google Analytics. This analytics originate from Google and show the performance of a website. With this information, a provider is able to improve on its strengths and also eliminate any issues that may be harming the website’s ranking. The company will also openly disclose how they intend or achieve their result and will have statistics to prove this.
Finding the right company for seo and related services shouldn’t be a matter of guesswork or trial and error. What you need is following the above tips which will increase your chances of dealing with the best company. The right provider is honest, ethical, dependable and experienced. The firm will also be registered, certified and backed by positive reviews. In addition to seeing your website ranking improve and more visits to your website, the best SEO Company NYC offers you peace-of-mind.

certifikate google analytics

Our services Locksmith’s in San-Diego

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Locksmith San-Diego


Our company is engaged many years in opening of locks. We are among leaders in San Diego and Locksmith Chula Vista because we develop in parallel with enhancement of technologies. Today we have on arms the most modern methods of opening of doors of different complexity. We work in all directions: we pick room, automobile or safe locks from any producers. 24 hour Locksmith San Diego
In our company many specialists are registered, and all of them are professionals of the case. But It should be noted that opening of the lock can be only on condition of confirmation that the customer is the owner of this apartment (the safe, the machine etc.).

Receiving a challenge on service, we surely in detail question on the door lock, on the challenge reasons that to you there has arrived a certain master with the corresponding knowledge and experience. On specialization of the master are divided into several categories. These are professionals on apartments (garages, offices), on opening of safes and on repair of automobile locks.
Door locks of rooms, apartments, offices and garages, as well as any mechanisms, have property to wear out, break, not seldom there are cases of breakings.
Opening of door locks with any problems is carried out by the master of residential locksmith. Available at it there are a lot of modern tools, master keys allowing to open different designs of locks.
Many experiences are received by the person when the code of the safe was forgotten or has accidentally broken its lock. Earlier some mechanic from bank could solve this problem, today for the solution of a similar problem the competent professional is necessary. And it is our master of commercial locksmith. Professionalism of our masters allows to work with coded, mechanical and key locks. Without damages it is carried out by us the selection of a key or a code of the lock becomes.
Many drivers for the practice faced a question of opening of an automobile door. Automobile doors, and also locks of cowls, luggage carriers, can not open for various reasons, but such situation afflicts even more when you hurries for work or a meeting. Opening of automobile locks of any models of Car locksmith San Diego is carried out by the master of automotive locksmith.
It is always necessary to remember that independent opening of door locks can lead to serious breakdown of the mechanism. It will entail subsequent its replacement. Therefore – there will be additional cash costs. Having entrusted performance of work to professionals, it is possible quickly, without damages to resolve an issue of opening of the lock.
Our professional locksmith service in San Diego Ca  works round the clock therefore at any time on your call there will arrive our specialists who quickly, qualitatively and accurately, without leaving marks, will open any door, having spent time from 15 to 50 minutes.
It is possible to invite the master, having called by our phone in dispatching service. Opening of any locks is carried out in the presence at the customer of the rights to property.

A Closer Look At Zgames

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Game Design Document Development

Is it possible for you to make learning quite immersive and effective? zGames – are able to map out an action plan that is well detailed for implementation to be successful and to ensure that the resources are well allocated. This article looks at
Zgames – game design document development –

When it comes to developing games, it is very important to ensure that all the budget boundaries and deadlines are met accordingly. The team at zGames have a track record that is popularly known for its versatility when it comes to creation of the Game Design Document (GDD).

It is worth noting down that its actually able to cover various mobile game genres like platformers, simulations, puzzles, casual games and fighters.

Why You Should Work With zGames
When it comes to development of high quality games that provide you with a unique gaming experience, zGame is definitely leading the pack.

Basically, zGames are always ready to listen to any new ideas, twists and turns in the gameplay and any vision that you may have. Its actually not easy to bring a new concept in a very competitive domain like game development. It requires experts who have a very high level of knowledge and also experts who are very experienced in the sector.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 17.15.11

zGames are able to craft all their games by ensuring that they’re always based on GDDs that are actually well outlined. A good GDD should be developed by a team of experts who include QA engineers, zGames developers, artists and UI designers. This particular GDD is able to develop and implement you idea so as to ensure that your vision is actualized. This makes the process simpler when you’re carrying out difficult and highly sophisticated game development projects.

Solutions zGames Provides To You
– zGames will ensure that they create for you a GDD that is complete and one that is able to cover all business, technical and technological aspects . This is all based on sessions that are both interactive and proactive.
– They also provide you with many gaming ideas with an implementation guide that takes you one step at a time.
– They’re also able to elaborate more on all technical aspects that are very critical. They also provide you with implementation guidelines and enhancements that are practical.

A good GDD should cover the following aspects:

– Animation and graphics
– An overview of the game
– Gameplay
– UI
– List of all features available
– Game balance
– Characters and game world
– Sound effects and music
– The mechanics of the game
– Business aspect
– System that offers you help
– Plans for the future
– Devices that are supported

Custom software application development services

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Qulix – Custom software application development services

Qulix systems is a software and app developer company which has stood the test of time with an excellent reputation in providing high-end software products in the market. With over 16 years in the industry, Qulix Software Company has developed an integrated system that is tailored to deliver innovative solutions to clients from various fields. From web & mobile apps design, custom software application development services to IT consultancy; Qulix software and app developer company has been on the forefront in providing solutions to some of the complex enterprises and business challenges.

Services offered

All the services offered at Qulix are tailored to the specific needs of the client and this ranges from; development, integration & deployment, testing, evaluation, planning, analysis and design of apps and Softwares. It’s through the company’s absolute transparency, mature project management, clear processes and smooth communication that make every section of the project a success. The services offered are relevant to a number of professional fields such as; banking and finance, telecommunications, health and social care, insurance, E-commerce, and Retail.

Enterprise system & Web app development

This is a wide field that involves a lot of design work and management. The development process goes beyond the front end banking and E-procurement systems. Document management systems among other record keeping apps are within this section. When it comes to web apps; the website portals and other institution-oriented sites are the main tasks. Social networks, e-carts, marketplaces and auctions sites within the internet are the other areas of interest.

Mobile app development

Each mobile phone has a specific system developer with which the applications and other software are compatible. Qulix systems develop various apps that are compatible with all the devices in the market; from android, iOS, Windows to cross-platform (Hybrid) devices. Such apps are designed to ease some of your record keeping, management, and banking needs. Therefore, this enhances your business firm a smooth operation where it can compete favorably in the technological world.

Consultancy services

As part of the services offered at Qulix systems, consultations help to guide and direct the prospects on some of the important technological aspects affecting the company. It’s through the industry, technology and quality assurance (QA) consulting that we narrow down to internet of things software development challenges and try the best ways possible to get the probable solutions. Through quality assurance, you as the client can prevent the obvious technological faults in your company and avoid inconveniences in the long run. With full cycle testing and Maintenance of the banking software solutions in your business firm, you can always boost productivity and competence while serving the customers.

Custom software development firm

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HQSoftware lab – Best development company


HQSoftwarelab – Top 10 Custom software development companies, is a boutique outsourcing business, offering a comprehensive array of custom software development services for an extensive range of verticals and business fields. Whether yours is an established or a new business, we will be pleased to help you, irrespective of the stage of your software development life cycle, ranging from business analysis, conceptualization, and prototyping, to the expansion and exploitation of a complete solution.

Why should you choose HQSoftwarelab?

Since the inception of our business in 2001, we have completed thousands of thriving development projects. Although there are several reasons that HQSoftwarelab – IoT company happens to be the primary option for most of the businesses for their custom software development needs, some of the notable reasons include:

1. Our methodologies ensure the short time-to-market statistics and iterative advance to software development, mostly fit to succeed the competition in the active online marketplace.

2. Our business analytics abilities enable the detailed expansion of the business ideas of our customers for the best-suited execution solutions.

3. Our individually customized cooperation approach offers flexible contract terms, payment methods, and on-site presence availability of our specialists.

4. We offer continuous services that consist of innovative software design, business analysis, supported by data visualization and prototyping services.

5. Above all, at HQSoftwarelab – Dedicated development team, we offer an outstanding 24×7 customer service, providing a comprehensive project transparency, adaptable working hours and local delegates available for instant support.

Services we offerIoT company

At HQSoftwarelab, customer satisfaction is our main concern, so we offer a variety of customized services according to the needs of our customers. Some of our dedicated and professional services include:

Custom software development service: At HQSoftwarelab – elearning app development, we not only build custom software, but we also offer the right solutions for all of your business problems. We have a 15-year accomplishment record and the trust of the leading brands, such as Canon, HTC, Sega, BBC, Honda, and much more. Usually, seamless incorporation of disparate software systems can be a challenging task, so you can use our Enterprise Application Integration services to streamline business processes, improve the real-time information access, and to facilitate system maintenance.

Dedicated development team: We offer you a dedicated development team that can assist your business in several ways. Our team includes experienced and skilled developers, who are specialists in .Net, Java, PHP and Node.js, so you can choose a developer according to your business needs. Our team also includes business analysts, project managers, graphic designers, HTML or front-end developers, UI or UX designers, and quality assurance experts, who can offer the required support to develop your business.

Software reengineering: We have the required resources, expertise, and strong consulting abilities and individual tools and structure that assist you immensely in upgrading, enhancing, migrating or reinstating software, applications, or information systems of your business. Our experienced professionals will examine your current application and business logic and will apply the most suitable forward and reverse engineering methodologies.

Mobile app development: HQSoftwarelab is the innovative mobile application development business with a number of winning projects under its belt. We have developed mobile apps of any intricacy, ranging from high-quality B2C applications to heavy business-grade mobile solutions that computerize mission-important business processes. Our team is crammed with skilled mobile application developers that consist of highly trained analysts, qualified software engineers, and UX specialists, who are knowledgeable in developing apps for all the foremost platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Get in touch with HQSoftwarelab – Top 10 Custom software development companies today to schedule a free discussion and to get a free, no obligation project quote for all of the custom software development services for your business. You can also email your queries to and one of our delegates will get in touch with your shortly.

Fast locksmith 24/7

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Locksmith Denver

Locksmith Denver

A situation may arise where you accidentally lock yourself out of your home, car or business. Such situations happen to anyone so do not get so worked up, instead ensure they do not disrupt your life. An emergency locksmith company is best suited to remedy your situation. Locksmith Denver is a reliable 24 hour professional service that provides its customers with services at affordable rates. Their services cover Denver and the surrounding environment. You can count on them to change your locks or perform a safe installation. All products are of high quality and are competitively priced.

The Workforce

No task is too difficult for our technicians to overcome. Every task is approached with precision and expertise. Their speedy response arises from the mobile locksmith service where we arrive at your place swiftly when contacted.

Why Choose Locksmith Denver

As a locally operated and owned business, Fast locksmith Colorado – lock and key in Denver are a trustworthy service that values quality service delivery above profits. With over 10 years of security industry experience, they are highly familiar with any lock situation that might arise.

Services On Offer


We understand that the purpose of a lock is to ensure that the outside world remains outside your home. We understand fully the danger your home may be when it is guarded by unreliable or faulty locks. All clients are provided with several secure lock options that will guarantee the security of your residence. We are capable of installing deadbolts, new locks, door-frame hardware and high-security locks. A thorough home security audit can also be performed to safeguard your home.


Our speedy response time and affordable rate keeps us way above the competition. The customer service offered by our mobile locksmith service can get you key replacements for the newest rides. Some of our top automotive security services are: Proximity keys, replacement of car keys, remotes, RV keys, key generation, transponders, ignition repairs, motorcycle keys among others.


Every business owner prioritizes security above everything. Our reliable Locksmith Denver service can guarantee that whether its new locks, key-card systems, biometric locks, high-security locks or access control hardware, we can carry out the installation. Security audits will be performed to test the security integrity of your systems.

Operating as a business, we take every commercial locksmith service personally.

Service Locations & Contact

Our services cover the entire Denver area whether it’s Littleton, Brighton, Westminster, Lyons, Downtown Denver, the suburbs and surrounding environs. When contacted the response is immediate as there are several mobile units in operation round the clock, 7 days a week.

Fast locksmith Brooklyn NY

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Locksmith 24/7

%d1%81%d0%bd%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%ba-%d1%8d%d0%ba%d1%80%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b0-2016-11-16-%d0%b2-1-56-15For 24/7 emergency services with quick response, Fast Locksmith Brooklyn – lock change is your number one pick. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services, you can get a full range of service. Automotive lock services are also available and foreign and domestic locks can be serviced. You can get a free estimate of the service and you will know the price before the job starts.

Residential locksmith service

When it comes to residential locksmith service, you can get assistance if you’ve been locked out. You can also have your locks rekeyed and replaced. You can also have key safes installed to securely house your spare keys, ensuring your keys are always available and you’re never locked out of your house again. Deadbolt installation is also available to improve your security and keep your home safe from intruders.

Commercial locksmith service

You can get assistance if you’ve been locked out of your building. Access control is available to provide selective restriction of access to your facility or business premises. You can have deadbolts installed and door closers are also available. High security locks and keys can be provided and you can also get key control systems to help you control and monitor access to keys, locks and equipment. Safes are sold and serviced and you can have safe combinations changed. Padlocks can be keyed alike and you can have panic devices installed. Closed circuit TV systems can be installed to provide surveillance.

Automotive locksmith service

Emergency car door unlocking is available and you can also be provided with key cutting and duplication. If your car lock is damaged or broken, it can be fixed and faulty latches and bonnet locks can also be fixed. Keyless entry remotes are available and you can also get car key coding services. Removing broken keys from ignitions and door locks can be done without needing to replace the lock. We can supply and program transponder keys and remotes for your vehicle on the roadside, garage or workplace. Apart from cars, Fas Locksmith Brooklyn is available to deal with motorcycle keys, scooters, trucks, vans and caravans.

Why choose us

For the most affordable locksmith service in Brooklyn, don’t look any further. Our customer care is top notch and we have a long list of satisfied customers. You can expect excellent workmanship and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also guarantee quick response time for emergencies and you can get a free estimate of the service.