Russian Food Direct

You may have heard of specialized online stores before, with a lot of options on display for one –or several- specific kind of product. But what if I told there’s a Russian online store that sells Ushanka caps, nesting dolls, Russian caviar and some high-quality Russian watches? I bet that isn’t something you were expecting, but it does exist. So, come with us and take a look at this store and what it has to offer.

Russian Food Direct is an online store ( that offers all of the above-listed products. They’re located in Brooklyn, New York, and they’ve got shipping to all of the United States (except for Hawaii and Alaska). So what it is that makes this store so unique? Well first of all, almost everything they offer has something to do with Russia -or is made in Russia, for that matter. Secondly, their stock is pretty diverse, and so the combination of an Ushanka, a nesting doll, some caviar, and, a wrist watch is something you can purchase at once.

First of all, if you don’t know what an Ushanka is, you have to know it is the Russian National Cap, and they’re perfectly designed to bear with the low temperatures that are so common in Russia. There are types of Ushanka caps, like the Russian Ushanka, which has ear flaps to prevent ears from freezing, and can be adjusted to also protect your jaw and chin. The other types of Ushanka are the ones used in the military: Soviet Army Ushanka, Russian Navy Forage Cap, and Souvenir Ushanka Cap (a souvenir-type of Ushanka, with the same design as the military ones). The price range goes from $ 14.99 to $ 19.99, on average.

Next up we have the famous nesting dolls, or “matryoshka” dolls, a very well-known Russian souvenir, and it consists of a painted wooden doll, which contains a smaller doll inside, and that one has a smaller one inside and so on…you get the picture. The designs for these simple yet interesting gifts are a whole lot more than you could ever imagine, as they can show some political figures, Saint Nicholas and his family, Winnie the Pooh characters and, yes, even minions. You can also use the smaller ones as a key chain.  Whatever the design you choose, the normal prices goes from $ 20 to $ 30.

It doesn’t matter if you have been looking for some Russian caviar for a long time or even you’ve never heard of it: this store has some of the best ones for you to choose. They come in all sizes and shapes, and some of them include a nesting doll as a gift. The store prides themselves in their caviar selection so you should give it a try and see –and taste- what they’re talking about! The price of these products is very variable, as some of the smaller products cost $ 20, and the most expensive ones go up to $ 199.99, so this one goes on your election and taste.

Last but no least we have the Russian-made Vostok Amphibia wrist watches. Their unique designs, endurance, and waterproof systems are worth the purchase, as they go from about $ 50 to $ 90 on average. The brand has been in the business since 1942, so you’d guess you can trust the high-quality with which they products are made.

We have not very much to add to this unique concept of a store, other than the obvious remark that the store offers other products as well. Guess we stuck up with the most significant ones, so blame’s on us!