Qulix – Custom software application development services

Qulix systems is a software and app developer company which has stood the test of time with an excellent reputation in providing high-end software products in the market. With over 16 years in the industry, Qulix Software Company has developed an integrated system that is tailored to deliver innovative solutions to clients from various fields. From web & mobile apps design, custom software application development services to IT consultancy; Qulix software and app developer company has been on the forefront in providing solutions to some of the complex enterprises and business challenges.

Services offered

All the services offered at Qulix are tailored to the specific needs of the client and this ranges from; development, integration & deployment, testing, evaluation, planning, analysis and design of apps and Softwares. It’s through the company’s absolute transparency, mature project management, clear processes and smooth communication that make every section of the project a success. The services offered are relevant to a number of professional fields such as; banking and finance, telecommunications, health and social care, insurance, E-commerce, and Retail.

Enterprise system & Web app development

This is a wide field that involves a lot of design work and management. The development process goes beyond the front end banking and E-procurement systems. Document management systems among other record keeping apps are within this section. When it comes to web apps; the website portals and other institution-oriented sites are the main tasks. Social networks, e-carts, marketplaces and auctions sites within the internet are the other areas of interest.

Mobile app development

Each mobile phone has a specific system developer with which the applications and other software are compatible. Qulix systems develop various apps that are compatible with all the devices in the market; from android, iOS, Windows to cross-platform (Hybrid) devices. Such apps are designed to ease some of your record keeping, management, and banking needs. Therefore, this enhances your business firm a smooth operation where it can compete favorably in the technological world.

Consultancy services

As part of the services offered at Qulix systems, consultations help to guide and direct the prospects on some of the important technological aspects affecting the company. It’s through the industry, technology and quality assurance (QA) consulting that we narrow down to internet of things software development challenges and try the best ways possible to get the probable solutions. Through quality assurance, you as the client can prevent the obvious technological faults in your company and avoid inconveniences in the long run. With full cycle testing and Maintenance of the banking software solutions in your business firm, you can always boost productivity and competence while serving the customers.